V40 bash launches Book of Dissent, or bricks

Partygoers celebrating Verso's 40th birthday this past weekend got a sneak preview of The Verso Book of Dissent, available in stores October. No V-imprinted bricks, lovingly handwrapped by Verso NY, were actually launched (those are reserved for counter-revolutionaries, obviously), but there was much booty-shaking because, as Emma Goldman allegedly said, "If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution." That quote is not in the book, by the way, although another Goldman quote is—check out the book to find out which one!

And if, once you have read the book, you are seething with rage because your favorite dissenter has been left out, don't throw metaphorical bricks at us—just make your suggestion in the discussion "What's missing from The Verso Book of Dissent?" for inclusion in the next edition of the book!