Turbo-charged in scorn: Dan Hind's "sombre and scathing rhetoric" recalls Frankfurt School critique

Boyd Tonkin's review of new books about private hopes and public goods calls on politicians to take heed.

Dan Hind's The Return of the Public is praised as "a book marked by a sombre and scathing rhetoric that recalls the Frankfurt School critique of thinkers such as Adorno and Marcuse."

Tonkin's shrewd article notes:

Much of what Hind has to say about the limits of understanding enforced by the major media and their circulation of "prevailing fantasies"—he distrusts the BBC as much as any red-top tabloid—is pointed, eloquent and forceful... Many times, he hits the bull's-eye.

Turbo-charged in his scorn by the manifest inability of many dominant media—both private and "public service"—to challenge the phoney evidence for war against Iraq in 2003, or to warn against the financial meltdowns of 2008, Hind flays both the shortcomings of elite messengers and the forces of capital behind them.

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