A Sultan in Palermo

Set in medieval Palermo, this is the fourth novel in Tariq Ali's celebrated Islam Quintet.

The fourth novel in Tariq Ali's 'Islam Quintet' charts the life and loves of the medieval cartographer Muhammed al-Idrisi. Torn between his close friendship with the sultan and his friends who are leaving the island or plotting a resistance to Norman rule, Idrisi finds temporary solace in the harem; but his conscience is troubled...

A Sultan in Palermo is a mythic novel in which pride, greed, and lust intermingle with resistance and greatness. It echoes a past that can still be heard today.

Praise for the Islam Quintet:

"A richly woven tapestry that even before its completion merits comparison with Naguib Mahfouz's Cairo trilogy." Kirkus Reviews


  • “A marvelously paced and boisterously told novel of intrigue, love, insurrection and manipulation.”


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