Ken Silverstein

Ken Silverstein is a Senior Investigative Reporter with First Look Media. He has been a Fellow at the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard Univeristy and at Open Society Foundations. He served as Washington Editor of Harper's Magazine from 2006 to 2010. Previously on the staff of the Los Angeles Times, Silverstein has also written for Mother JonesWallpaperWashington Monthly, the NationSlateSalon, and many other publications. In 2005, he received the Overseas Press Club Award for a series, cowritten with T. Christian Miller, titled "The Politics of Petroleum" and published in the Los Angeles Times.


  • COP21: a climate crisis reading list

    As the great and the good gather in Paris for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) in the coming weeks to discuss the Earth's future in the face of the looming economic catastrophe, Francois Hollande's government has taken the step of banning all protests and gatherings from the French capital. Yet, as Andreas Malm has written, in the face of such a toothless conference behest to the whims of the rich nations of the global north, which will inevitably be broadcast as a great step towards solving the world's ills, "militant resistance in the streets has never been more imperative."

    It is becoming increasingly evident that global warming is fundamentally linked to the regime of capital accumulation - a fact that no major government is willing to confront. How then should we think through such looming climactic catastrophe? Here we present a reading list which aims to tackle one of the greatest issues facing us today. 

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  • The Secret World of Oil's Ken Silverstein interviews with LA Review of Books and Harper's

    In new interviews with the Los Angeles Review of Books and Harper's Magazine, Ken Silverstein, author of The Secret World of Oil, has been sharing some of his own secrets about writing this major work of investigative reporting, which examines the corruption of the oil industry and the players behind it.

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  • Tony Blair’s (Private) Interests in The Secret World of Oil

    Iraq's latest crisis and its links to the 2003 war brought Tony Blair back into the headlines this week, along with calls for him to step down as a Middle East peace envoy – but new evidence has emerged that his private business interests in the ever-volatile region are expanding.

    In his The Secret World of Oil, investigative reporter Ken Silverstein delves deep into the opaque and shady dealings of Blair’s private business interests in the Middle East and elsewhere. Below is an excerpt from Silverstein’s extensive chapter about the former British prime minister 'The Flacks: Tony Blair':

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