Jane McAlevey

Jane McAlevey has been an organizer in the labor and environmental justice movements for the last twenty years. She is a PhD candidate at CUNY Graduate Center and lives in the San Francsico Bay Area. Her website is


  • Jane McAlevey discusses how women are leading changes in labor movement

    With traditional labor organizations at perhaps their all-time weakest, and with union membership steadily dwindling, the labor movement has finally made room for women leaders, according to a recent article published in The Nation.

    There may be more at stake, however, than a few past-due seats at a molding table. In the article, Verso author Jane McAlevey discusses how female labor-leaders like herself have been working to expand the demands of the movement.

    Drawing on her own experience as a labor organizer, as well as research done for her recent book Raising Expectations (and Raising Hell), McAlevey insists on the necessity for a more holistic approach in the fight for labor justice.

    “McAlevey’s approach blends the two realms, public and private life, which have historically been gendered—men go to work and care about wages, women stay home and care about the roof over their families’ heads and what’s for dinner. ‘If you want to contend for power, and workers need a lot more power than what they have in this country right now, we actually have to bring power to the table with us,’ McAlevey explains.”

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  • Jane McAlevey Points Out Underlying Problems with Recent McDonalds Budget

    This past week, McDonalds invited outrage when, as part of a newly-launched website designed to help minimum-wage employees plan their budget, they posted a laughably unrealistic sample monthly budget.

    Though the budget offered much to be upset about, the crowning offense was the suggestion that workers hold two near full-time, minimum-wage jobs to meet their basic living expenses. Not only does this underscore the growing divide between the minimum-wage and a living wage, but it brings to light another glaring fallacy of the sample budget: with many struggling to find one full-time job, who can manage to find two? Jane McAlevey, author of Raising Expectations (and Raising Hell), joined Dawn Rasmussen and Sylvia Allegretto on HuffPo Live to discuss the both the problems with the McDonalds sample budget and the alarming rise of part-time employment when so many are desperate for full-time work.

    Visit the Huffington Post to see the video and read the full comments.

  • Jane McAlevey on MSNBC, HuffPo Live and Counterspin

    In her newest book Raising Expectations (and Raising Hell), author and maverick organizer Jane McAlevey draws on her two decade-long experience and sets out a plan for revitalizing labor. Reacting to Michigan’s Republican-dominated legislature’s passage of the so-called “right to work” law (an uncomfortable term to use due to its racist origin) and the corporate-backed effort to push for similar legislation nationwide, she made several big media appearances last week and over the weekend to outline the state of labor in America (prognosis: not good) and how labor can be revived. She appeared on MSNBC's UP with Chris Hayes, Counterspin, KALW in San Francisco, The Real News, Huffpost Live, and KBOO community radio in Portland. Audio lies below the jump. Click on the links to listen and watch the interviews in full.

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