Chris Harman

Chris Harman (1942–2009) was the editor of Socialist Worker and a leading member of the Socialist Workers Party in Britain. He wrote many articles, pamphlets and books including Class Struggles in Eastern Europe, Explaining the Crisis, Economics of the Madhouse, How Marxism Works and The Lost Revolution: Germany 1918 to 1923.


  • Verso titles selected as Books of the Year 2011 across UK broadsheets and periodicals

    As the year draws to a close, newspapers have been asking the great and the good which books have most impressed them in 2011. Here we have collected the Verso books that were featured.

    In the New Statesman, Guardian and Observer Books of the Year round ups, Hari Kunzru selected two Verso books as standing out from other books published this year. He explained the appeal of the titles to the New Statesman:

    Hari Kunzru 

     With the Occupy movement gaining ground throughout the world,  McKenzie Wark's smart overview of the situationist movement, The Beach Beneath the Street: the Everyday Life and Glorious Times of the Situationist International, feels particularly timely. For years, Laura Oldfield Ford, who is very influenced by situationism, has produced a fanzine, based on her derives around London, with words and beautiful, confrontational line drawings of the city's forgotten people and neglected places. Now, Savage Messiah has been collected in book form. It is a wake-up call to anyone who can only see modern cities through the lens of gentrification.

    In the Guardian feature on the Best Books of 2011, a number of Verso titles were selected by those asked.

    Eric Hobsbawm

    Among the 2011 books that came my way I particularly welcomed Owen Jones's Chavs, a passionate and well-documented denunciation of the upper-class contempt for the proles that has recently become so visible in the British class system.

    John Lanchester

    I loved two very different books of criticism...[one was] Owen Hatherley's furiously pro-Modernist A Guide to the New Ruins of Britain

    Pankaj Mishra

    Liberalism: A Counter-History by Domenico Losurdo stimulatingly uncovers the contradictions of an ideology that is much too self-righteously invoked.

    Ahdaf Soueif

    I'm reading Chris Harman's A People's History of the World. It's really helpful to zoom out from time to time when you're living massive events at very close quarters.

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