V40 Brooklyn: photo evidence from "the best publishing industry party ever"


Hundreds flocked to Verso NY's 40th anniversary party in the courtyard of The Old American Can Factory this past Friday—and many could be spotted around the city Saturday morning with the bright red of a Verso Books stamp still visible on their hands. Verso authors mingled with Verso fans and others in the publishing industry to a backdrop of Soderbergh's Che, Sorrentino's Il Divo and slides from The Verso Book of Dissent. And, having each spoken to a cheering crowd, Tariq Ali and David Harvey got on down on the dance floor ... 

The Big Red Verso V guards over The Verso Book of Dissent

DJ Chris Annibell of Afrokinetic works his magic.

The mediaevalesque courtyard becomes one big light show.

Tariq Ali takes the stage ...

Then David Harvey steals the mic to rally the revolution ...

The courtyard goes wild ...

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