The Power of Oil - BBC R4 Podcast with James Marriott and Timothy Mitchell


"If you go out onto the street and you look at the exhaust fumes coming out of car" James Marriott, author of The Oil Road, says on this radio show, "because of just in time delivery one can be fairly clear about how long it's going to take to get from five kilometres under the Caspian Sea to that car's combustion chamber; and it's round about twenty two days."

Laurie Taylor hosts a discussion with James, Verso's Timothy Mitchell, author of Carbon Democracy, and John Urry, author of Societies Beyond Oil, published by Zed Books.

In this 30 minuet broadcast the authors sketch out the narratives in their books, mapping pipelines of carbon power from source to use via the repression of organised workers, the exceptions to national laws and the corporate and political barons of black gold.

The show in full can be found here.

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