Verso collaborates with Alfredo Jaar on his Marx Lounge at the Liverpool Biennial


Verso has collaborated with Alfredo Jaar on his Marx Lounge installation for the Liverpool Biennial, which runs from  18th September—28th November. Filled with Verso books, it is a cross "between a library reading room and the seamier environs of a public boudoir". The installation will also feature talks with Verso authors David Harvey and Chantal Mouffe.

Photo by Alexandra Wolkowicz

In an interview for Culture 24, Alfredo Jaar said:

Well, I've been a great reader of this kind of literature for many years and I really think there has been a kind of revolution going on in the last 20, 30 years in the intellectual world.

If you read some of these texts by Stuart Hall, by Terry Eagleton, by Alain Badiou, by Jacques Rancière, Frederic Jameson, etc, etc. They are extraordinary texts and essays. They are very challenging. They are models of thinking the world and that's what I do as an artist. I create models of thinking the world.

Visit Culture 24 to read the full interview with Alfredo Jaar about the project.

Visit the Liverpool Biennial for more information about the Marx Lounge.

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