Essential reading list on Max Stirner


Max Stirner ranks as one of the most idiosyncratic and provocative philosophers of all time. Anticipating the later work of nihilists, existentialists, and anarchists, The Ego and His Own is a staunch and righteous assertion of personal autonomy against all forms of religious, philosophical and political constraints.

This seminal defence of anarcho-individualism will be presented on February 4th at the Institute of Contemporary Arts by Federico Campagna and Saul Newman.

These are the essential reads that Verso recommends for anyone interested in Stirner’s philosophy.

Books by Max Stirner

- Max Stirner, The Ego and Its Own, Verso, 2014

- Max Stirner, The False Principle of Our Education, Kaleidoscope, 2013

Recommended texts of secondary literature on Stirner

- John Henry Mackay, Max Stirner: his life and his work, Booksurege, 2005

- Saul Newman (ed.), Max Stirner, Palgrave MacMillan, 2011

- Saul Newman, From Bakunin to Lacan, Lexington, 2007

- John Welsh, Max Stirner’s Dialectical Egoism, 2010

- Bernd A Laska: unfortunately his books are not available in English. If you read German, have a look at „Katechon“ und „Anarch“. Carl Schmitts und Ernst Jüngers Reaktionen auf Max Stirners „Einzigen“, LSR-Verlag 1986. However, several articles of his are available in English.

"Max Stirner, a durable dissident -- in a nutshell --"

"Nietzsche's initial crisis"

"Dora Marsden - "The Stirner of Feminism" ?"

- Alfredo Bonanno: unfortunately his main book on Stirner is not available in english. If you read Italian, have a look at Teoria dell’individuo: Stirner e il Pensiero Selvaggio, Edizioni Anarchismo, 2012

Recommended texts by/about authors mentioned in reference to Stirner

- Anonymous (ed.), Enemies of Society: an anthology of individualist and egoist thought, Ardent Press, 2012

- Alfredo Bonanno, Armed Joy, Elephant Editions.

- Feral Faun, Barbaric Thoughts, Elephant Editions

- John Henry Mackay, The Anarchists: a picture of civilization at the close of the 19th century, Forgotten Books, 2012

- Dora Marsden: hi-res scans of all issues of The Freewoman, The New Freewoman, The Egoist are available online

-  Michel Onfray: not much of his work is available in English. If you read French or Italian, have a look at the section of his Counter-history of Philosophy dedicated to Schopenhauer, Thoreau and Stirner.

- Ernst Junger, Eumeswil, Marsilio, 1994

- Ernst Junger, The Forest Passage, Telos Press, 2014

- Renzo Novatore (Wolfi Landstreicher ed.), The Collected Writing of Renzo Novatore, Ardent Press, 2012

- Richard Parry, The Bonnot Gang: the French illegalists, Rebel Press 1987

- Fernando Pessoa (as Alberto Caeiro), The Keeper of Sheep, in R. Zenith (ed. trans.), A Little Larger Than the Entire Universe, Penguin, 2006

- Fernando Pessoa (N. Ribeiro ed. trans.), Philosophical essays, Contra Mundum, 2012

- Fernando Pessoa: if you read German, have a look at Patricio Ferrari and Bernd Kast, Nichts und Mittelpunkt der Welt.Der Einfuss Max Stirners au Fernando Pessoa (free pdf available online)

- Benjamin Tucker, Instead of a Book: by a man too busy to write one (free pdf available online)

Latest books by tomorrow’s speakers

- Federico Campagna, The Last Night: anti-work, atheism, adventure, Zero Books, 2013

- Saul Newman, The Politics of Postanarchism, Edinburgh University Press, 2011




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