“Clinton-Pelosi-Obama awful”


In a piece for Huffington Post on why exactly one should vote Democrat ("it all comes down to an undeniable fact: that the [Republican] alternative is even worse") Andrew Levine directs readers to Tariq Ali's The Obama Syndrome for a "comprehensive account" of just how awful "Clinton-Pelosi-Obama awful" is.

For a long time, I could think of only one reason to vote for Democrats: Republicans. As I have argued in several posts on this site (search under my name for examples), I thought, and still think, that there is nothing in the record of the past twenty months capable even remotely of bridging the much heralded "enthusiasm gap": that Obama's foreign policy has just been a more comely continuation of Bush's; that his transgressions of civil liberties and contempt for international law rival and perhaps even surpass those of the previous administration; that he has all but neglected impending environmental catastrophes; and that the paltry domestic reforms to his credit have been by-products of measures enacted of, by and for the ruling elites who pay the bills for the entire political class. Try as Democratic spinmeisters and the cheerleaders on MSNBC might to make a more positive case, it all comes down to an undeniable fact: that the alternative is even worse.

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