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In the wake of Trump's election and many outrageous executive orders, as well as the EU referendum and the rise of far-right political movements around the world, direct action tactics are needed now more than ever. We saw a huge turn out and a diversity of tactics for the March 8th International Women's Strike and Day Without a Woman campaign, and the largest rally in US history, along with global solidarity rallys, for the Women's March on Washington following Trump's inauguration. 

The mass mobilizations we've seen recently are an uplifting reminder of the power of ordinary people to effect change. To guide us in our future struggles, we need to learn from the lessons of activist movements from the past.

There's no better guide than L.A. Kauffman's new book, Direct Action: Protest and the Reinvention of American Radicalism, which is 40% off through Friday, March 24 at midnight UTC.

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Further reading and listening:

Check out an excerpt from Direct Action - In 1971, the People Didn't Just March on Washington – They Shut It Down.

Hear an interview with L.A. Kauffman on NPR's Here & Now.

Check out an interview with L.A. Kauffman in the Atlantic on the "Day Without a Woman" rally.

Read L.A. Kauffman's interview in New York Magazine:5 Important Insights About Successful Protest Movements.

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