Rosa Parks Collective Strike Action: A Message of Solidarity from Diane Abbott


A wide range of anti-racist movements in France are organizing a two-day mobilization for Friday 30 November and Saturday 1 December. The ‘Rosa Parks’ collective has called for a mass ‘disappearance’ on the Friday, to show what France would be like without those subjected to racism, followed by a demonstration on the Saturday. For more information on the two strike days visit

A Message of Solidarity from Diane Abbott

I would like to send my solidarity to all those demonstrating against racism in France today and tomorrow and to Rosa Parks Collective and the other anti-racist organisations who have organised this protest.

The far right have reorganised, increased their funding and are growing across Europe. In the UK we have seen some of the largest far-right events in some time and in France the Front National has encouraged hatred, fear and prejudice in a frightening wave across the country.

All over Europe, the far-right have also been emboldened by the ‘Donald Trump’ effect. Trump has sparked worldwide outrage with his ‘Muslim ban’ and locking migrant children up in cages but he has also helped to legitimise views that were previously regarded as discriminatory and racist by all but a tiny fringe.

Racism is not just a problem for those of us who are BAME, Muslim or Jewish background, it is a corrosive problem here and in wider society. So it is imperative all those who believe in human rights and solidarity confront these forces and that trade unions, community organisations and politicians come together in the struggle to fight racism, fascism and the far-right.

I am proud to say that this is the case in my party, the Labour party of the United Kingdom. Our party is under new management, and myself and Jeremy Corbyn our leader have spent our political careers and longer fighting all forms of racism and standing against injustice.  

So to the Rosa Parks Collective and the other anti-racist organisations who have organised this protest, I send my solidarity and support.

Yours in unity, 

Diane Abbott MP

Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, United Kingdom