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In the latest issue:

With Boris Johnson installed in Downing Street, Daniel Finn profiles his chief antagonist, the British Labour Party and its leader, Jeremy Corbyn. To what extent has Corbynism transformed Labour since 2015, and what are its prospects in the maelstrom of the UK’s Brexit crisis?

Simon Hammond traces the intellectual arc of Mark Fisher, comparing his powerful critique of neoliberal culture with the work of Stuart Hall.

Kelly Askew and Rie Odgaard offer a critical perspective on the gender outcomes of the World Bank's much-vaunted land-titling programmes in East Africa.

The role of data visualization in the Digital Humanities is viewed through a comparative frame by Franco Moretti and Oleg Sobchuk.

Wolfgang Streeck describes the mutations of European social policy since the early years of the Common Market, and its present status as supra-national lever for neoliberal restructuring.

Book Reviews

Kheya Bag on Alpa Shah, Nightmarch. A Naxalite guerrilla platoon offers the vantage point for a multi-faceted account of Indian society, and the state violence that advances extractive growth.

Anders Stephanson on Daniel Immerwahr, How to Hide an Empire. A reading of America’s global power through its territorial possessions, from ocean archipelagos to military bases.