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As Boris Johnson consolidates the Tory ascendancy, an analysis by Susan Watkins of the decade of multiple crises—economic, social, regional, national, European—that led to this outcome.

Also in NLR 121

Continuing the series on post-2008 recoveries, begun by David Kotz’s scrutiny of the US economy in NLR 113, R. Taggart Murphy examines the case of Japan, the world pioneer in zero interest rates and quantitative easing. Franco Moretti unpacks the role of allegory in Fredric Jameson’s critical theory. Michael Burawoy traces the political and intellectual evolution of his friend and collaborator Erik Olin Wright, drawing on Polanyi to suggest how the divergent strands of critical and scientific Marxism could be re-united. In response, Dylan Riley sets Wright’s utopianism in the context of capitalist development. From Iran, Zep Kalb and Masoumeh Hashemi report on the domestic fortunes of the country’s international award-winning cinema under inflationary economic sanctions.

Plus book reviews: Rob Lucas on the new regime of data-driven capitalism described by Shoshana Zuboff; Emilie Bickerton on reassessments of seventies-era Hollywood New Wave; Jacob Collins on Peter Schöttler’s historiography of the Rhine as reflection of Franco-German national thinking.