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A powerful critique by Pranab Bardhan of the skewed political economy of Modi’s India, where a puny state—corollary of a vast informal economy—is penetrated by politically connected vested interests, while major obstacles to the country’s development—creaking infrastructure, poor education—are ignored.

Also in NLR 136

Cédric Durand replies to Evgeny Morozov’s ‘Critique of Techno-Feudal Reason’; Mario Sergio Conti discusses a bold Brechtian staging of Brazil’s political drama; R. Taggart Murphy analyses the legacy of Japan’s slain Abe Shinzo; Emilie Bickerton explores the cinema of Laurent Cantet; Benjamin Kunkel joins the debate on radical literary-critical strategy; and two archival gems—Peter Wollen on Brecht in LA and Peter Schöttler’s interview with Annales School historian Pierre Vilar. Plus book reviews: John-Baptiste Oduor on Adolph Reed’s The South; Patricia McManus on Joe Cleary’s Modernism, Empire, World Literature.

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