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Complete your Tariq Ali bookshelf with 50% off all his books!

John Merrick23 July 2015

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To celebrate the re-issue of Ali's magisterial Islam Quintet, which addresses the centuries-long clash between the Christian West and Muslim East with searing and subtle prose which stretches from fifteenth century Moorish Spain to late twentieth century Paris and London, we're offering 50% off all of Tariq's books for this week only!

In a week when the newspapers are brimming with reports of David Cameron's announcement that he will be increasing state surveillance of Muslim youth ostensibly in an attempt to counter the rise of extremism, the reality of Islamophobia is still a major issue in British politics. Writer, filmmaker and public intellectual, Tariq Ali, has spent his career skewering this clash of civilisation narrative which projects Islam as an inherent threat to the liberal and secular West. 

Also, don't forget to read Tariq's first-hand account of Alexis Tsipras's capitulation to the punishing demands of the Troika in this week's LRB, and you can view his speech at last week's Demoracy Rising conference held in Athens where Tariq discusses the nature of the European Union and the future of Syriza, here. You can keep up to date with all your Tariq Ali news and with any upcoming events, including events in Australia and London, on his website.