The Fountain at the Centre of the World
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320 pages / / 9781859845738

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The first novel by the acclaimed comedian, on the anti-globalisation movement.
Police and soldiers across Tamaulipas, Mexico's north-eastern state are hunting Chano Salgado. A reclusive young widower and political apostate, Salgado is forced to go on the run after he is persuaded to blow up the pipelines of Ethylclad, a sluicing operation sucking the local groundwater dry.


“A sublimely frisky novel ... it reads like what you'd get if Tom Wolfe climbed inside the head of Noam Chomsky.”

“Makes a lot of British fiction seem rather tender-minded in comparison.”

“A wonderful, big-hearted, textured, funny, moral and deeply unfashionable book.”

“An epic novel... full of incedent, emotion and polemic... an expansive, fluid and moving story.”

“A testimonial to Newman's formidable range, intelligence and talent.”

“Could this herald the resuscitation of the English 'literary political novel', almost dead in the water since the best work of Malcolm Lowry and Graham Greene... Newman has... taken a rare risk... to remind us how the personal is political and vice versa.”

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