All-American Nativism
How to End the Bipartisan War on Immigrants
Part of the Jacobin series
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176 pages / January 14, 2020 / 9781786637130


February 2019 / 9781786637123

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A searing critique of the big big business nativists dictating our immigration policy - and the moderate Democrats that put them in power

For three decades, establishment Democrats and Republicans have led a bipartisan assault on immigrants, pulled further and further right by a vocal and organized group of nativists, turning the southern border region into a conflict zone, and breaking up millions of families in the process. 

Daniel Denvir delivers a caustic takedown of liberal triangulation on the border and shows how concessions to "enforcement first" law and order immigration politics hasn't placated the nativists. It has only inflamed them. 

Establishment officials from both parties have allowed the rightwing to dictate our policy on migration, even as popular opinion clamors for a more humane and just approach. With the center collapsed, the left can demand full amnesty now, or cede the ground of national belonging to nativists and white supremacists.

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