Urban Warfare
Housing Under the Empire of Finance
by Raquel Rolnik Translated by Gabriel Hirschhorn Foreword by David Harvey
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384 pages / March 2019 / 9781788731607
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How finance and politics have caused the global housing crisis

The most comprehensive survey of the current crisis, Urban Warfare charts how the financial crisis and wider urban politics have left millions homeless and in financial desperation across the world.

The financialisation of housing has become a global catastrophe, leaving millions desperate and homeless. Since the 2008 financial collapse, models of home ownership, originating in the US and UK, are being exported around the world. Using examples from across the globe, Rolnik shows how our cities have been sold to construction companies and banks, while supported by government-facilitated schemes, such as “the right to buy” subsidies and micro-financing. Our homes and neighbourhoods have become the “last subprime frontiers of capitalism,” organised by those who benefit the most.


“A magisterial survey and analysis of what is fast becoming one of the most compelling global crises of our time.”

“A truly brilliant book”

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