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The Plague of Fantasies

The relations between fantasy and ideology, and the deluge of digital phantasms surrounding us.

Modern audiovisual media have spawned a 'plague of fantasies', electronically inspired phantasms that cloud the ability to reason and prevent a true understanding of a world increasingly dominated by abstractions—whether those of digital technology or the speculative market.

Into this arena, enters Žižek: equipped with an agile wit and the skills of a prodigious scholar, he confidently ranges among a dazzling array of cultural references—explicating Robert Schumann as deftly as he does John Carpenter—to demonstrate how the modern condition blinds us to the ideological basis of our lives.


  • “The most formidably brilliant exponent of psychoanalysis, indeed of cultural theory in general, to have emerged from Europe in some decades.”
  • “Unafraid of confrontation and with a near limitless grasp of pop symbolism.”
  • “Žižek unfolds in this text a theory of the workings of postmodern ideology that is often breathtaking in its scope and acuity.”


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