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Victors’ Justice
From Nuremberg to Baghdad
by Danilo Zolo Translated by M. W. Weir
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208 pages / November 2009 / 9781844673179

International tribunals are shown to be little more than a tool of Western imperialism.

Victors’ Justice is a potent and articulate polemic against the manipulation of international penal law by the West, combining historical detail, juridical precision and philosophical analysis. Zolo’s key thesis is that contemporary international law functions as a two-track system: a made-to-measure law for the hegemons and their allies, on the one hand, and a punitive regime for the losers and the disadvantaged, on the other. Though it constantly advertised its impartiality and universalism, international law served to bolster and legitimize, ever since the Tokyo and Nuremberg trials, a fundamentally unilateral and unequal international order.


“Zolo has developed an illuminating and unusually coherent critique of the international legal order, its aspirations, its many uses, its successes and failures.”

Victors' Justice will certainly stimulate the intellectual debate surrounding international justice in the modern world.”

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