A Study on the Unity of His Thought
by Georg Lukács Translated by Nicholas Jacobs
Part of the Radical Thinkers series
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104 pages / June 2009 / 9781844673520
/ 9781789604627

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A trenchant account of Leninism from a giant of Marxist philosophy.
Out of the chaos following Lenin’s death and the mounting fury against Lukács and his freshly penned History and Class Consciousness (1923), this book bears an assessment of Lenin as “the only theoretical equal to Marx.” Lukács shows, with unprecedented clarity, how Lenin’s historical interventions — from his vanguard politics and repurposing of the state to his detection of a new, imperialist stage of capitalism — advanced the conjunction of theory and practice, class consciousness and class struggle. A postscript from 1967 reflects on how this picture of Lenin, which both shattered failed Marxism and preserved certain prejudices of its day, became even more inspirational after the oppressions of Stalin. Lukács’s study remains indispensable to an understanding of the contemporary significance of Lenin’s life and work.


“The definitive study of Lenin’s political theory.”

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