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New Left Review 147, out now.

Rashid Khalidi talks to Tariq Ali about the history of the Palestinian national movement, its fraught relations with neighbouring Arab regimes, the realities of the US-run ‘peace process’, Israel’s grip on the Biden Administration and the strategic calculations – or miscalculations – of Hamas.

10 July 2024

New Left Review 147, out now.
In the Latest Issue
Tony Wood situates Mexico’s Morena government within a broader Latin American context, as Claudia Sheinbaum’s sweeping victory in last month’s presidential election confirms the arrival of a new party system. 
Cédric Durand engages with Brett Christophers’s analysis of contemporary capitalism. After Modi’s relative setback at the polls, Radhika Desai reveals how the crisis of India’s parched countryside has been a brake on the Hindutva juggernaut. 
Rebecca Lossin reflects on the collaborative portraiture of photographer LaToya Ruby Frazier.
Plus book reviews: Grey Anderson on Tom Stevenson’s Someone Else’s Empire, Owen Hatherley on Andy Beckett’s The Searchers and Sanjay Subrahmanyam on two intellectual biographies of the Hindu-nationalist ideologue, V. D. Savarkar.
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