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Roberto Mangabeira Unger: A Restless Visionary

Books by one of the leading philosophers and political thinkers in the world today.

29 February 2024

Roberto Mangabeira Unger: A Restless Visionary

Roberto Mangabeira Unger is one of the leading philosophers and political thinkers in the world today, and we are proud to have published much of his writing.

His work ranges from explorations of critical legal studies, to international relations, to the religion of the future.

In his latest work, The World and Us, Unger radically re-envisions the human condition. 

He asks how we can live so that we die only once, instead of dying many small deaths; how we can breathe new life and new meaning into the revolutionary movement that has aroused humanity for the last three centuries, and how we can make sense of ourselves without claiming for human beings a miraculous exception to the general regime of nature.

“A restless visionary striving to realize the highest aspirations of modernity itself.” — William Connolly,  New York Times

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The World and Us
In The World and Us, Roberto Mangabeira Unger sets out to reinvent philosophy. His central theme is our transcendence - everything in our existence points beyond itself - and its relation to our fi...
Governing the World Without World Government
The world does not need a world government to govern itself. Roberto Mangabeira Unger argues that there is an alternative: to build cooperation among countries to advance their shared interests. We...
The Knowledge Economy
Adam Smith and Karl Marx recognized that the best way to understand the economy is to study the most advanced practice of production. Today that practice is no longer conventional manufacturing: it...
The Critical Legal Studies Movement
Critical legal studies is the most important development in progressive thinking about law of the past half century. It has inspired the practice of legal analysis as institutional imagination, exp...
The Left Alternative
Confronting the major debates in the world today—about national alternatives and alternative globalizations—Unger shows that there is a set of initiatives that we can begin to develop with the mate...
Democracy Realized
Roberto Mangabeira Unger is widely regarded as one of the leading social thinkers of our time. In Democracy Realized Unger gives detailed content to a progressive and practical alternative to both ...
Politics, Volume 1 - False Necessity
False necessity is the central work in the three-volume series Politics. It presents both a way of explaining society and a program for changing it. The explanation develops a radical alternative t...
Politics, Volume 2 - Social Theory
Social Theory: Its Situation and Its Task is an introduction both to Unger’s ideas and to the major debates of contemporary social, political and economic thought. Unger shows how the failures of s...
Politics, Volume 3 - Plasticity into Power
Plasticity into Power works out, through historical examples, a major theme of Unger’s work—the relation between institutional and organizational flexibility and the development of our collective a...
This selection of key texts from Roberto Mangabeira Unger’s three-volume Politics presents an explanatory theory of society and a program for social reconstruction as a radical alternative to Marxi...

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