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Verso Book Club Podcast: Jules Gill-Peterson - A Short History of Trans Misogyny

In this second episode of the newly launched Verso Book Club Podcast, Jules Gill-Peterson sits down with our host, Eleanor Penny, to discuss her new book A Short History of Trans Misogyny.

20 June 2024

Verso Book Club Podcast: Jules Gill-Peterson - A Short History of Trans Misogyny

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In this incisive account of the invention of trans panic, A Short History of Trans Misogyny challenges the notion of transmisogyny as simply an attempt to mock or undermine a trans woman’s femininity - instead situating its origin in the violence of the colonial state, and it’s attempts to consolidate its control over the populations it subjugated. 

From the British Raj to the travesti communities of Latin America, Gill-Peterson’s  brilliantly argued account of trans life weaves together stories of historical figures from around the world, whilst putting forward a bold new vision for trans feminism in the 21st century. 

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