The Killing of Gaza

The Killing of Gaza:Reports on a Catastrophe

  • Paperback


Reportage from the frontline of the crisis, from the leading Israeli journalist

Gideon Levy is one of the most respected critics of Israel's apartheid policies against the Palestinian people. He is the outspoken award-winning journalist who has been writing on the conflict for decades. In the Destruction of Gaza, he brings together his on-the-ground perspectives of the events leading up to the 7th October and the ensuing devastation of Gaza. His clear-eyed analysis is a vital aperture into current events but he also brings essential historical and political context to the moment. He is unafraid to speak truth to power, and his work is an urgent rebuttal to the propaganda that is distributed through the mainstream liberal press, throughout the world. Levy's words should be read by anyone who wants to get the heart of this most brutal conflict and see for themselves that silence is no longer possible in the face of such atrocity.