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Jameson at 90: A Verso Blog Series

Our series honoring Fredric Jameson's oeuvre in celebration of his 90th birthday.

Jameson at 9028 April 2024

Jameson at 90: A Verso Blog Series

Fredric Jameson turns 90 years old this month. To celebrate this milestone, we're publishing a series of short essays focused on the major books in Jameson's oeuvre.



Unintimidated languages – Daniel Hartley

On prophetic form and the whole tangled, dripping mass of the dialectic – Christopher Breu

Intense Curiosity – Matthew Beaumont

On Fredric Jameson's Fables of Aggression – Ian Buchanan

History is what hurts – Maria Elisa Cevasco

Deep Listening – Phillip E. Wegner

Synchronic History - Kristin Ross

Negative Dialectics - C.D. Blanton


See all works by Fredric Jameson here. His new book, Inventions of a Present: The Novel in its Crisis of Globalization is out on May 7.

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Inventions of a Present
A novel is an act, an intervention, which, most often, the naïve reader takes as a representation. The novel intervenes to modify or correct our conventional notions of a situation and, in the best...
In his most wide-ranging and accessible work, Fredric Jameson argues that postmodernism is the cultural response to the latest systemic change in world capitalism. He seeks here to crystallize a de...
Representing 'Capital'
Representing Capital, Fredric Jameson's first book-length engagement with Marx's magnum opus, is a unique work of scholarship that records the progression of Marx's thought as if it were a musica...