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New Left Review 145, out now

Rational and irrational causes of war: Michael Mann sets Ukraine and Gaza in comparative-historical context.

New Left Review26 March 2024

New Left Review 145, out now

In the Latest Issue

Göran Therborn  extends the debate with Oliver Eagleton on 21st-century prospects for the world – and for the left – in the aftermath of grand dialectics. Lorna Finlayson deconstructs the arguments for an electoral ‘lesser evil’. Nick Burns analyses the political, economic and ideological interests that have driven the financialization of American university life. Kōhei Saitō discusses his synthesis of Japanese Marxism, German philology and American degrowthism with NLR. Jiwei Xiao explores extra-realist uses of the detail in Chinese fiction, from Plum in the Golden Vase and Sing-Song Girls of Shanghai to contemporary works like Jia Pingwa’s Ruined City and Shaanxi OperaPeter Osborne lays bare the reactionary premises of Bruno Latour’s eco-politics. 

Plus book reviewsRob Lucas on Lorraine Daston’s RulesJacob Collins on the auto-history of Pierre Nora, Terry Eagleton on James Joyce and the Easter Rising.

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From 9/11 to the Anglo-American occupation of Iraq, the eurozone crisis to the Brexit vote, the Great Recession to the Arab Spring, the rise of China to the annexation of Crimea, the passage from O...

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