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  • Seductive Fascist Style

    Seductive Fascist Style

    Theodor Adorno remains one of the key sources for understanding the desire for Fascism, notably in his groundbreaking work The Authoritarian Personality. In this article Max L. Feldman reads Adorno's writings on Fascism, alongside Disney's 1991 film The Beauty and the Beast, to analyse the contemporary resurgence of the far-right and the enduring relevance of Adorno's work.

  • Eco-Fascisms and Eco-Socialisms

    Eco-Fascisms and Eco-Socialisms

    As the scale of the impending climate crisis is increasingly clear to all, we are left with a stark choice: eco-socialism or eco-fascism. Max Ajl surveys the landscape of ecological politics, and argues for an genuinely internationalist eco-socialism as the only way to defeat eco-fascism.

  • 5 Book Plan: Non-Fascist Living

    5 Book Plan: Non-Fascist Living

    Natasha Lennard, author of Being Numerous, selects five books that shaped her thinking on fascism permeating life under capitalism.

  • How to live an anti-fascist life

    How to live an anti-fascist life

    "It was as if decades of theorizing fascism—as an ideology, or a tendency, a practice, something that never quite disappeared —had been erased overnight and all that mattered in the media frenzy was delineating Trump’s similarities and differences to Hitler or Mussolini."

  • This is a Crisis

    This is a Crisis

    The scale of the impending climate crisis is now apparent to more or less everyone. Yet, whilst it's been the left that has taken the lead in reponding to climate change for several generations, it is increasingly the far-right who are developing political responses to catastrophe. This has been reflected in the growing eco-fascist movement, a movement who were parachuted to global prominence on the 15th March this year when one of their number murdered fifty people in two Christchurch mosques. In this article, Eleanor Penny analyses eco-fascism and asks what it will take the left to deal with the scale of the climate crisis.

  • 40% off Being Numerous

    40% off Being Numerous

    Natasha Lennard's Being Numerous: Essays on Non-Fascist Life asks what it takes to fight fascism.

  • Weekend Read | General Propositions on Fascism and the Dominant Classes

    Weekend Read | General Propositions on Fascism and the Dominant Classes

    The global far-right is returning at an alarming rate, with the latest example being that of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil (analysed by Perry Anderson in the latest LRB). But, is this fascism? The first thing we need to know before we can answer that is a full definition of fascism as an historical phenomena. In this extract from his republished classic Fascism and Dictatorship, Nicos Poulantzas explains the relationship between fascism and the dominant classes.

  • Can Fascism Return? A View from Argentina

    Can Fascism Return? A View from Argentina

    Can fascism return? The rise of strongmen leaders across the world, the latest being Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro, has seen this question being asked with increasing frequency. In this article, Diego Sztulwark argues that we need a fully historical analysis of fascism which asks into the political and historical forces and circumstances that give rise to fascism, and about the conditions of possibility for a non-fascist life.  

  • A 21st Century Fascist

    A 21st Century Fascist

    With election of Jair Bolsonaro as President of Brazil, Antonio Negri reflects on the resurgent global far-right.