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Verso x The Dig LIVE Podcast with Jeremy Corbyn & Laleh Khalili

On Friday July 26th, Jeremy Corbyn MP joins Verso Books and The Dig podcast for a live conversation at London’s Union Chapel.

22 May 2024

Verso x The Dig LIVE Podcast with Jeremy Corbyn & Laleh Khalili

VersoBooks · Verso x The Dig LIVE Podcast with Jeremy Corbyn & Laleh Khalili

Get your tickets to the live podcast episode with Jeremy Corbyn MP and Laleh Khalili here!

As we enter the era of polycrisis, from climate breakdown to deepening global inequality and the daily horrors unfolding in Palestine, Eleanor Penny (host of the Verso Podcast) and Daniel Denvir (host of The Dig) will sit down with former leader of the U.K Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn, and academic and author Laleh Khalili, for an urgent discussion on the future of international politics. 

How do we counteract the global rise of the far right? What can we learn from the global movement against the war on Palestine? And are there grounds for hope in these burgeoning forms of international solidarity? 

We’re also thrilled to welcome the Macrodose podcast for an opening act to this event. Writer and broadcaster Dalia Gebrial will be joined by political scientist Thea Riofrancos, climate justice activist Asad Rehman and anthropologist Jason Hickel to discuss the decline of the unipolar world, the climate crisis and green colonialism, and the future of global capitalism.

This should be a fascinating event and a chance to collectively grapple with the state of global politics in the era of instability we now inhabit. 

We hope to see you all there - so grab your tickets now and come join us at the Union Chapel on the evening of the 26th July. 

Tickets available HERE

See you all this summer!

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