Lula:A Biography

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The first – and long-awaited – major biography of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Lula is among the greatest political figures in Brazilian history. The only president in the country with a working-class background, combined with a party that was profoundly original in its roots, he exercised charismatic power and influence in a more lasting way than any other public figure in the republican period.

Since 2011, Fernando Morais, one of Brazil's leading writers, has gained direct, frank and frequent access to Lula. To these dozens of hours of testimonies, he has added a reporter's flair and captivating prose to compose a biography that paints a picture in all its grandeur and complexity.

In a narrative that makes use of flashforwards and flashbacks to maintain an electrifying pace, Morais goes from Lula's childhood to the annulment of his convictions, in 2021 - passing through the new unionism, the ABC strikes, the foundation of the PT and the first election campaign.


  • The fact that the biographer is close to the subject, in principle, does not disqualify a work. After all, it will live on the shelves alongside books written by more critical authors. The question is whether the advantages of access to the character outweighed the disadvantages of the bias. From the moment Morais starts telling the story from the beginning, the answer is clearly yes.

    Celso Rocha de BarrosFolha de São Paulo
  • Gramsci used to say that it is impossible to write the history of a party without at the same time writing the history of the country. Paraphrasing him, we can say that to dwell on the character embodied by Lula is to rediscover the history of Brazil over the last five decades.

    Luiz MarquesTeoria e debate
  • Fernando Morais was emphatic: in his biographies, he does not portray "bronze characters," only those of "flesh and blood." Launched in the second half of November, Lula is the 11th book by the journalist from Mariana (MG), who arrived breaking records in his nearly 50-year career as a writer: 60,000 copies sold in the first three weeks.

    Guilherme CabralA União