If... Stands Up

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He’s back – the irrepressible Steve Bell, one of Britain’s best-loved political cartoonists.

Steve Bell’s If… cartoon strip in the Guardian attracted generations of loyal readers. If… Stands Up is his triumphant return to political cartoonery. Bell lampoons the not-so-great and not-so-good of British public life, from Keir Starmer’s ‘Robots in Disguise’ to Sunak, Truss and other Tory fruitcakes. He also catches up with Charles and the royals.

Politicians and cartoonists may come and go, but politics never stops. It rather resembles a demented horse, Bell points out. The ride can be exhilarating, but sooner or later you get thrown off. If you are a politician, you find a stall in the House of Lords. If you are a political cartoonist, you dust yourself off and search for a new source of laughs. In this, if nothing else, Westminster politics rarely disappoints.

If… Stands Up offers a hilarious and heartfelt send-up of a world gone mad and includes insights on drawing for the Guardian.