May 12, 2016
Eco-Fiction and Polar Regions: A conversation with Ilija Trojanow and Ross A. Virginia
Dartmouth College, Moore Hall, Room B03
May 12, 2016
7.00pm -
Dartmouth College, Moore Hall, Room B03
53 South Main Street
Hanover, NH 03755 United States
Author Ilija Trojanow in conversation with Ross A. Virginia, Director of the Institute of Arctic Studies at Dartmouth College

A Discussion and Book-Signing

In Conjunction with The Norwich Bookstore

Bulgarian-German author Ilija Trojanow in conversation with Ross A. Virginia, the Director of the Institute of Arctic Studies at Dartmouth College, to celebrate the publication of The Lamentations of Zeno.

Zeno Hintermeier is a scientist working as a travel guide on an Antarctic cruise ship, encouraging the wealthy to marvel at the least explored continent and to open their eyes to its rapid degradation. It is a troubling turn in the life of an idealistic glaciologist. Now in his early sixties, Zeno bewails the loss of his beloved glaciers, the disintegration of his marriage, and the foundering of his increasingly irrelevant career. Troubled in conscience and goaded by the smug complacency of the passengers in his charge, he starts to plan a desperate gesture that will send a wake-up call to an overheating world.

The Lamentations of Zeno is an extraordinary evocation of the fragile and majestic wonders to be found at a far corner of the globe, written by a novelist who is a renowned travel writer. Poignant and playful, the novel recalls the experimentation of high-modernist fiction without compromising a limpid sense of place or the pace of its narrative. It is a portrait of a man in extremis, a haunting and at times irreverent tale that approaches the greatest challenge of our age—perhaps of our entire history as a species—from an impassioned human angle.

Ilija Trojanow is a German novelist and travel writer, the author of many books of fiction and non-fiction, including The Collector of Worlds, Along the Ganges, and Mumbai to Mecca. His autobiographical debut novel was adapted into the award-winning film The World Is Big and Salvation Lurks Just Around the Corner. A vocal critic of domestic surveillance and the NSA, Trojanow was at the center of a cause célèbre in 2013 when the United States refused him entry.

Ross A. Virginia is the Myers Professor of Environmental Science in the Environmental Studies Program at Dartmouth College. He is an ecosystem ecologist interested in human influence on biogeochemical cycles in terrestrial systems with an emphasis on understanding how climate change alters plant-soil interactions and the ecology, biodiversity, and functioning of soils. He is the co-principal investigator on the McMurdo Dry Valley Long Term Ecological Research Program and serves as the Director of the Institute of Arctic Studies within the Dickey Center for International Understanding.