June 6, 2016
Book Launch - Corbyn: The Strange Rebirth Of Radical Politics (R. Seymour)
Fahrenheit Bookshop
June 6, 2016
7.00pm - 9.00pm
Fahrenheit Bookshop
Fahrenheit Bookshop, Wilson Street
Cleveland, TS1 1SA United Kingdom
Book Launch: 'Corbyn: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics'
Much recommended event!

“Richard Seymour has a brilliant mind and a compelling style. Everything he writes is worth reading.” – Gary Younge

“One of our most astute political analysts turns his attention to Corbyn, and the result is predictably essential: not just to make sense of how we got to this unlikely situation, but for his thoughts on what the left might do next” – China Miéville

“Seymour is an essential voice on the left, and this book is a necessary intervention, explaining this daunting political moment and bringing the focus back to strategy. Not so much a call to arms as a call to brains.” – Laurie Penny

“No one writes about politics the way Richard Seymour does. He takes a very British story of the rise of Jeremy Corbyn, with all its peculiarities and details, and turns it into a revelation of the international crisis of parliamentary democracy. Whether you love Corbyn -- or Sanders or Podemos or Syriza -- or loathe him (and them), you'll find here the most sophisticated diagnosis of why men and women across the globe are turning to the left and why their aspirations are so continuously being frustrated. Seymour is a magnificent explainer: pointed without being pedantic, funny with out being flip, and always insisting that we take in the whole.” – Corey Robin

“Long after the Labour left was thought to be dead, Jeremy Corbyn's emergence has inspired millions. There is no one better positioned than Richard Seymour to take a look at his emergence and whether Corbyn can actually turn Labour into a force for radical change.” – Bhaskar Sunkara

“The Anglophone left has been cheered by the surprising rise of Bernie Sanders in the U.S. and Jeremy Corbyn in Britain. Richard Seymour's elegantly written book is a reminder of all the obstacles facing Corbyn. Even if you're not as pessimistic as Seymour about his prospects, you really need to pay attention to this critique. It will make you a better fighter of the necessary class war.” – Doug Henwood, author of My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets the Presidency.