May 19, 2011
Who Here Ordered the Skinny Latté?
Mcnally Jackson Bookstore
May 19, 2011
7.00pm - 8.30pm
Mcnally Jackson Bookstore
52 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012 United States
An Exploration of the Culture of Internships with Ross Perlin and Andrew Hsiao

Verso and McNally Jackson present an Author meets Editor evening with Ross Perlin and Andrew Hsiao to launch Perlin's new book Intern Nation: How to Earn Nothing and Learn Little in the Brave New Economy.

"The Guardian recently reported on an intern at the London fashion magazine Grazia and a symbolic practical joke: regularly dispatched to buy skinny lattes for the beauty desk, the intern announced on her last day that she had been buying the staff full-fat lattes all along ..." —Ross Perlin in Intern Nation.

Ross Perlin, author of Intern Nation, is a graduate of Stanford, SOAS, and Cambridge, and has written for, the New York Times, Time magazine, Lapham's Quarterly, Guardian, Daily Mail and Open Democracy. He is researching disappearing languages in China.

Andrew Hsiao is a senior editor with Verso Books. He was the executive editor of The New Press, and an editor and staff writer with The Village Voice. He has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, Spin, and other publications, and is the author of a deck of playing cards, Regime Change Begins at Home. He's been a labor organizer and a board member of CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities and of the Asian American Writers Workshop, where he is currently board chair.