October 27, 2017
5 Years Lost: the Nonscience of NY Climate Politics since Sandy
October 27, 2017
7.00pm - 11.30pm
Verso loft, 20 Jay St. Suite 1010
Brooklyn, NY 11201 United States
The Nonscience and Nonsense of New York Climate Politics since Hurricane Sandy.

Five years ago, Hurricane Sandy battered and flooded coastal communities in New York and New Jersey, killing several dozen and displacing tens of thousands. One year prior, New York’s Financial District faced a different kind of storm as Occupy Wall Street railed against the greed and excesses of the ruling 1%. Hurricane Sandy tragically vindicated the Occupy movement demonstrating that the global 99% could count thousands of New York’s own among its most vulnerable. 

The hurricane and its aftermath exposed the unequal and insufficient application of relief to those impacted and served as a harbinger of even more violent storms to come as climate change unfolds around us. By privileging property values and political connections above human life and community, recovery and resiliency efforts since Sandy have exacerbated social inequality rather than diminishing it. 

And yet, five years on, neither the carbon emissions admonished by climate science nor the vast inequality proscribed by the political left show signs of abatement. A racist, sexist, climate change denying megalomaniac sits in the White House and science itself is under attack, alongside countless categories of the oppressed and exploited.

Hosted by Science for the People NYC, co-sponsored by Verso Books.