April 22, 2013
Drone Warfare: Killing By Remote Control
April 22, 2013
6.30pm -
1 Bloomsbury Street
London, WC1B 3QE United Kingdom
With Medea Benjamin

Drone Warfare is the first comprehensive analysis of one of the fastest growing and most secretive fronts in global war: the rise of robot warfare. In 2000, the Pentagon had fewer than fifty aerial drones; ten years later, it had nearly 7,500.

Drones are already a $5 billion business in the US alone; the US Air Force now trains more drone "pilots" than bomber and fighter pilots combined. Medea Benjamin provides the first extensive analysis of who is producing the drones, where they are being used, who pilots these unmanned planes, and what are the legal and moral implications.

The book also looks at what activists, lawyers, and scientists across the globe are doing to ground these weapons. Benjamin argues that the assassinations we are carrying out from the air will come back to haunt us when others start doing the same thing - to us.

Medea Benjamin is an American political activist, best known for co-founding the peace campaign Code Pink. After the US invaded Iraq, she created the Occupation Watch Center in Baghdad to monitor the US military and the war’s effect on civilian populations.