September 27, 2013
Anabel Hernández in Albuquerque, NM - CANCELLED
September 27, 2013
5.00pm -
4022 Rio Grande Blvd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107 United States
This event has been cancelled

Corruption grows through silence. If journalists of my generation keep silent, if we give up our work [out of] fear of complicity, journalists after us will be condemned to kneel to this corruption. I hope we will live ... and see that that never happens.
—Anabel Hernández

To celebrate the publication of Narcoland: The Mexican Drug Lords and Their Godfathers, author Anabel Hernández will be touring the United States to deliver a first-hand account of the incalculable violence wrought by the “war on drugs.”

The American public, numb to the torrent of graphic images of drug violence coming across the Mexican border, finds itself unable and unwilling to take action against the humanitarian crisis unfolding so close to home. In Narcoland, Anabel Hernández, a WAN-IFRA 2012 Golden Pen of Freedom laureate, takes an in-depth look at the 35-year genesis of drug production and trafficking in Mexico, the Mexican govergnment's complicity with the crime rings that supply the United States with 60% of the drugs that enter the country, and a detailed portrait of the most violent leaders of the present-day cartels.

Mexican officials put the number slain by narco violence at over 100,000 with another 27,000 missing. North of the border, news of shocking brutality, revenge killings, bloody warnings sent via mutilated bodies—the many casualties of the "war on drugs" Vincente Fox declared in 2004—abound in the media. Yet the body count is so large as to be incomprehensible, the cartels and their rivalries so complex, that much of the journalism on the topic helps us understand the roots of the violence little. Narcoland shows the official corruption that makes narco violence possible, reporting in riveting detail just how Mexico became a base for the mega-cartels of Latin America—and one of the most violent places on the planet for journalists. "I will fight until my last breath," Hernández said in her acceptance speech for the Golden PEN award, "even if it is a small example, so that as journalists we are not brought to our knees before a drug state."


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