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A note for our EU customers

Due to the fact that the UK has now left the EU, and because the deal that was made has not been clearly defined, we have been experiencing some difficulties in supplying books to European customers. Issues concerning the specific changes in rules and extra costs—including surrounding shipping, customs, and VAT charges—have been unfolding over the past few months and these are applied differently by each European customs agency.

We have been, as are many UK ecommerce companies, getting to grips with these issues as they develop, in the absence of any clear government or commercial guidelines. We are working hard to find ways to lessen the burden on our European customers. However, because every EU country is different, any changes will likely take months to implement.

In the meantime, please be aware that if you are a European customer, ordering books from our website may result in extra charges that you will have to pay to receive your order. 

Depending on your country of residence, your local customs agency may impose additional charges on your order including import fees, declaration fees, administrative fees, and import duties (tariffs). Verso has no control over these charges, and any fees required for customs clearance are the sole responsibility of the customer. 

You are free to refuse to claim your order due to customs charges. For unclaimed orders which are returned to our warehouse, the customer will only be refunded product costs for shipment, but will not be refunded shipping costs. Refunds will be issued only once an order has been received by our warehouse.

Please note that some customs agencies have a policy of destroying unclaimed parcels rather than returning them and parcels which are returned to sender may take up to 12 weeks to reach our returns department.  Verso is not responsible for unclaimed parcels which are destroyed or lost in transit. 

With this in mind, we strongly encourage you to research your local customs rules and charges prior to placing your order.

We apologise for any inconvenience these issues cause, but they are beyond our control.

For customers would would prefer to order our books from within the EU, we recommend the following European bookshops

Adrion (several locations)

Shakespeare and Company (Vienna)

Buchhandlung Frick (Vienna)

De Groene Waterman (Antwerp)

Waterstones (Brussels)

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Buybooks (several locations) 

Knigomania (several locations)

Bookoholic (online retailer)

Znanje (Zagreb and book chain)

Euromedia (Prague) 

Shakespeare and Sons (Prague) 

Mega Books (Prague)

Saxo (online retailer)

Academic Books (Copenhagen)

Akateeminen Kirjakauppa (Helsinki and book chain)

Rosebud (Helsinki and book chain)

The Red Wheelbarrow (Paris)

Shakespeare and Company (Paris)

Decitre/Furet du Nord (online retailer)

Thalia (various locations) 

Dussmann (Berlin) 

Schwarze Risse (Berlin)

Politeia (Athens)

Public/Retail world (online retailer) 

Bestsellers (Budapest)

Atlantisz Bookshop (Budapest)

Penninn-Eymundsson (several locations)

Boksala Studenta (Reykjavik)

Hoepli (Milan)

Anglo American Bookshop (Rome)

Agenda Bookshop (several locations)

Merlin Library (Hamrun, Malta)

Tronsmo (Oslo) 

Akademika (several locations)  

Co-Liber (Warsaw) 

Massolit Books (Krakow) 

FNAC (several locations)  

Livraria Lelli (Porto)

Bookbridge (Moscow) 

Relod (Moscow) 

Jupiter Impex (Moscow) 

Carturesti (several locations)  

Okian (online retailer) 

Delfi Knjižare (several locations) 

Knjižare Vulkan (several locations) 

Eurobooks (Bratislava) 

Mega Books Slovakia (Bratislava) 

MK (Ljubljana and book chain) 

ZRC Sazu’s bookshop (Ljubljana Institute of Sciences and Art) 

Llibreria Finistres (Barcelona)

Pasajes (Madrid) 

Traficantes (Madrid) 

Payot Genève (RG and online) 
Orell Fuessli (book chain and online) 

Adlibris (online retailer)

Hedengrens (Stockholm)

Bokus.com (online)

Akademibokhandeln.se (online)

The Netherlands
Athenaeum (Amsterdam)  

Van Stockum (Den Haag)