Website developer

Verso Books is looking for an independent, full-stack web developer or small agency to work on a freelance basis. Verso is the largest independent, radical publishing house in the English-speaking world, publishing one hundred books a year, with a thriving website and direct sales operation.

Verso is one of a small number of independent media companies thriving during a transitional time for publishing and other media. We're keen to find a developer who can work in partnership with us on a number of new ideas for independent publishing, building on the success of Verso's strategy so far. We also hope to work with The New Inquiry on a number of creative projects.

The Verso website is a custom built Rails app with CMS that runs on Engineyard/AWS. The app includes a homegrown ecommerce platform that interacts with international warehouses and ONIX feeds. You will be working with Verso’s art director and website designer Andy Pressman (Rumors Studio) on maintenance and further development of our industry-leading publishing website.

Our ideal candidate is an experienced (3+ years) Rails developer with the following skill set: Ruby, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, Ecommerce, EC2/S3, Asynchronous job processing, Git. Experience with Engineyard, Braintree, Heroku, and Chef is a plus.

When applying please include your resumé and portfolio, your rate, a personal project that you’ve worked on, and a couple of notes on: your favorite language or technology, any thoughts (+/-) on Ruby/Rails, and how Ruby differs from Javascript. Please email your application to, with the subject line ‘Website developer’, by Dec 5th, 2014.