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    Verso Mixtape 2014

    Download a FREE ebook compilation of our most exciting reads from 2014. And don't forget: all Verso titles are currently 50% off

    Verso 2014 includes pieces by Arundhati Roy, Benjamin Kunkel, Gabriella Coleman, Nadya Tolokonnikova, Shlomo Sand, Walter Benjamin and Slavoj Žižek.


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    Slavoj Žižek

    “A relentless iconoclast, a restless wordsmith, an inventive thinker.” – Bookforum

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    Arundhati Roy

    "Revolutions can, and often have, begun with reading."—Arundhati Roy
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    B.R. Ambedkar

    "Democracy hasn’t eradicated caste. It has entrenched and modernised it. This is why it’s time to read Ambedkar." Arundhati Roy

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    Nadya Tolokonnikova

    “Probably no one would have noticed our protest if Putin himself hadn’t ­highlighted it to the whole world...” -Nadya Tolokonnikova, member of Pussy Riot. 
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    Anabel Hernández

    “Brave and invaluable.” – Sunday Times

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    Rohini Mohan

    "Rohini Mohan’s intimately rendered account of the brutal end-game and unfinished aftermath of Sri Lanka’s civil war is breathtakingly well-told." -Jon Lee Anderson, New Yorker




  • Call for Papers: Theorizing the Web 2015

    Theorizing the Web 2015
    April 17–18  in New York City
    Co-Sponsored by Verso Books, The New Inquiry, and Snapchat

    Abstract submission deadline: 11:59 pm (EST), January 18, 2015

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  • Q&A with Keller Easterling on Extrastatecraft at io9 today 2-3pm EST, 11am-noon PST

    TODAY: Thursday, December 18 at 2pm EST (11am PST) join the editors of io9 for a participatory interview with Keller Easterling about her acclaimed work, Extrastatecraft: The Power of Infrastructure Space. 

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  • Verso's Holiday Gift Guide - radicalize the loved ones in your life!

    We know how hard it is to shop for gifts for your parents, or your sister's fiancé, or that anti-social co-worker you picked for secret santa. So we've made it easy with our top picks from the Verso catalog for everyone in your life.

    Plus every title is 50% off with FREE shipping for the rest of December!

    For more inspiration check out our FREE e-book sampler with highlights from our 2014 list, including pieces from Arundhati Roy, Benjamin Kunkel, Gabriella Coleman, Nadya Tolokonnikova, Shlomo Sand, Walter Benjamin and Slavoj Žižek.


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  • Eric Hazan: ‘The Revolution isn’t over yet’

    Text and interview by Camille Polloni and Aurélie Champagne.

    The writer and La Fabrique editor Eric Hazan makes a bet: ‘under this government there could be major movements’.

    The 76 year-old Eric Hazan arrives on foot from his makeshift office on the heights of nearby Belleville, from where he directs the publisher La Fabrique. This short man, with the physique of a print worker, instantly gets on familiar terms.

    I call everyone ‘tu’ and not ‘vous’, all the time. Except those who I think aren’t going to call me ‘tu’ in reply.

    Born to a stateless mother (herself born in Palestine) and a Jewish father of Egyptian origin, Eric Hazan has led many lives, having previously been a surgeon in Lebanon and an editor at Beaux-Arts Hazan, inherited from his father, before it was bought out by Lagardère.

    Click here for a French-language video of the interview with Eric Hazan.

    A writer, translator of Edward Saïd, champion of Palestine and lover of Paris, Eric Hazan began his small activist publisher La Fabrique’s catalogue in 1998 with works by the philosopher Jacques Rancière, Alain Badiou and Edward Saïd, followed by a mass of essays and theoretical texts.

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