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    The Islam Quintet

    Tariq Ali’s acclaimed series of five novels addressing the long history of the clash of Islam and the West, reissued as a complete, beautifully designed set.
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    The 51 Day War: Resistance and Ruin in Gaza

    Best-selling author Max Blumenthal reports on Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza in July 2014
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    El Chapo did not escape prison

    Anabel Hernández's best-selling Narcoland exposes the shocking conspiracy behind El Chapo's freedom and organized crime in Mexico


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    Tariq Ali

    “Ali remains an outlier and intellectual bomb-thrower; an urbane, Oxford-educated polemicist.”—Observer
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    Anabel Hernández

    “Brave and invaluable.” – Sunday Times

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    Ghada Karmi

    An extraordinary memoir of exile and the impossibility of finding home, from the author of In Search of Fatima
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    Vijay Prashad

    What we do is to create a short-circuit between the heart and the head"
    —Vijay Prashad on Letters to Palestine
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    Christine Delphy

    “France’s most exciting feminist writer.” —Simone de Beauvoir
  • Nicole_aschoff_author_photo-max_141

    Nicole Aschoff

    "Aschoff makes her points both thoughtfully and rigorously.”Boston Globe



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    July 10, 2015

    London, United Kingdom


    Culture Now: Christine Delphy

    Christine Delphy examines how mainstream feminism has been mobilised in support of racist measures.
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    June 13, 2015

    London, United Kingdom

    Queen Mary University of London

    Pictures, Places and Living Memories

    Celebrating the career and achievements of Annette Kuhn
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    June 13, 2015

    Clerkenwell, London,

    The alternative Magna Carta festival

    An afternoon of freedoms, literature, Britishness, arts, protest, digital rights and more across three venues in Clerkenwell, featuring Paul Mason and many more


  • In Ventimiglia, an un-sovereign state erects its borders

    'The more the state is disarmed, the more it has to show off its voluntarism'. The illegitimate and illegal French blockade at the Italian border reveals the anxiety of a Europe that has surrendered its sovereignty to finance capital, writes Christian Salmon, 20 June. Translated from the French by David Broder. 

    Migrants use their survival coverings to shelter from the rain on the French-Italian border

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    For the benefit of those who haven't read the Guardian's comment (anti)coverage of Jeremy Corbyn's campaign, I've compiled all 100,000 words into this handy digested read.

    Sorry but huge crowds do not translate into electoral success. We need to be looking for small crowds, people, SMALL CROWDS. About 10 people would be ideal; roughly the size of our little party at Saffron and Cosmo’s place last night, where everyone agreed that while o̲f̲ ̲c̲o̲u̲r̲s̲e̲ our red hearts lie instinctively with socialism, it’s quite clear that we must make credible policy proposals such as supporting workfare or implementing austerity, or we’ll have a Conservative government implementing austerity and supporting workfare until 2025.

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  • ‘Europe has been kidnapped’

    Historic moments do a lot more to shape Europe than treaties do. And Brussels’ response to the Greek ‘No’ vote on 5 July 2015 demonstrated its moral bankruptcy. The euro now appeared not as an instrument for exchange among Europeans, but as a totem in the name of which whole peoples can be sacrificed. Beyond being a financial crisis, this is a political earthquake.

    During the campaign for the referendum in Greece. © Reuters

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  • Kouvelakis: "The 'No' remains undefeated: we shall continue"

    Capitulation? Betrayal? And what now? In an interview for Ballast magazine, Stathis Kouvelakis reflects on the events in Greece, arguing that the task of Syriza's left is now to give political representation to the OXI vote. Translated from the French by David Broder.

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