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    The Islam Quintet

    Tariq Ali’s acclaimed series of five novels addressing the long history of the clash of Islam and the West, reissued as a complete, beautifully designed set.
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    The 51 Day War: Resistance and Ruin in Gaza

    Best-selling author Max Blumenthal reports on Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza in July 2014
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    El Chapo did not escape prison

    Anabel Hernández's best-selling Narcoland exposes the shocking conspiracy behind El Chapo's freedom and organized crime in Mexico


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    Tariq Ali

    “Ali remains an outlier and intellectual bomb-thrower; an urbane, Oxford-educated polemicist.”—Observer
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    Anabel Hernández

    “Brave and invaluable.” – Sunday Times

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    Ghada Karmi

    An extraordinary memoir of exile and the impossibility of finding home, from the author of In Search of Fatima
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    Vijay Prashad

    What we do is to create a short-circuit between the heart and the head"
    —Vijay Prashad on Letters to Palestine
  • Delphy-max_141

    Christine Delphy

    “France’s most exciting feminist writer.” —Simone de Beauvoir
  • Nicole_aschoff_author_photo-max_141

    Nicole Aschoff

    "Aschoff makes her points both thoughtfully and rigorously.”Boston Globe



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    July 10, 2015

    London, United Kingdom


    Culture Now: Christine Delphy

    Christine Delphy examines how mainstream feminism has been mobilised in support of racist measures.
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    June 13, 2015

    London, United Kingdom

    Queen Mary University of London

    Pictures, Places and Living Memories

    Celebrating the career and achievements of Annette Kuhn
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    June 13, 2015

    Clerkenwell, London,

    The alternative Magna Carta festival

    An afternoon of freedoms, literature, Britishness, arts, protest, digital rights and more across three venues in Clerkenwell, featuring Paul Mason and many more


  • The Left and the euro: liquidate, rebuild

    If the past few weeks are to be anything other than another reason to be depressed, they might at least serve as the starting point for a Lexit: a Left able, finally, to relinquish the euro. By Frédéric Lordon; translated from the French by David Broder.

    1. The euro radically precludes any possibility of progressive policies.

    2. If there was still any need for proof of this, the criminal treatment inflicted on Greece across six months of brutalisation (re-baptised as ‘negotiation’) has shown that any initiative at ‘transforming the euro’ – the argument that ‘another euro is possible’ – is a chimera that can only lead to political impasse and despair, through a series of successive disillusionments.

    3. To leave any political perspective of breaking with the euro and its institutions to the far Right (who, as it happens, would not do anything of the kind [1]…) is a political error that will condemn the European Lefts to an indefinite impotence.

    4. If we are not to continue yearning for what can never come – ‘another euro’ and the ‘social Europe’ that goes with it – the re-armament of the European Lefts must, then, necessarily proceed by way of imagining what comes after the euro.

    These four propositions set the terms for the future prospects of the Left.

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  • The library in exile: Verso donates books to Campus in Camps, West Bank

    Nathan Witt reflects on the origins of Campus in Camps, an experimental, community-based educational initiative in Dheisheh Camp, Bethlehem. Read up on, support, or donate to Campus in Camps here, and the Decolonizing Architecture Art Residency here.

    By Nathan Witt, July 2015

    Campus in Camps in Dheisheh Camp, Bethlehem, was first set up by Alessandro Petti and Sandi Hilal from Decolonizing Architecture (DAAR) in 2012. It is an experimental educational programme run by local and visiting volunteers from various backgrounds. The focus of the programme is on the production of alternative methods of shared knowledge, seeking to empower both the volunteers and the community through the sharing of lived experience. This way, Campus in Camps affords opportunities to negotiate what is too seldom understood as a site of permanent and normalised exile.

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  • Tariq Ali: "Greece has been betrayed"

    At the beginning of the month they were celebrating the ‘No’ vote. They were prepared to make more sacrifices, to risk life outside the Eurozone. Syriza turned its back on them. The date 12 July 2015, when Tsipras agreed to the EU’s terms, will become as infamous as 21 April 1967. The tanks have been replaced by banks, as Varoufakis put it after he was made finance minister.

    In an article published in London Review of Books, Tariq Ali questions the Greek government's nod to the bailout package despite the people voting "no" with an overwhelming majority, and he compares the government's decision to the military coup of 1967.  

    Ali further criticizes the EU and the Troika for refusing to change course of action despite the still deteriorating financial situation of Greece and the damaging consequences on its people. 

    But isn’t it dangerous, as well as wrong, to punish the Greek people – and to carry on doing so even after they have rejected the political parties responsible for the lies?

    To read more, visit London Review of Books

    p.s: All of Tariq Ali’s books are 50 percent off till this Thursday! Complete your collection from here

  • Balibar, Mezzadra, Wolf: The Brussels diktat—and what followed

    Alexis Tsipras won the battle on a question of principle - the need for a new Europe - even if he lost the war that ensued. What are the implications for the Greek left and for Europe? The following article, by Etienne Balibar, Sandro Mezzadra and Frieder Otto Wolf, was originally published on OpenDemocracy, 20 July 2015.

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