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    Lynne Segal

    “A powerful manifesto for dealing with the march of time.” – Observer
  • Tariq-ali-max_141

    Tariq Ali

    Against the 'extreme centre'
  • Alain-badiou-max_141

    Alain Badiou

    “Tunisia, Egypt: the Eastern wind shakes the arrogance of the West.”
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    James Meek

    “Meek is a writer of fiction as well as a journalist, and it shows: he crafts beautiful and vivid passages.” – Owen Jones, New Statesman

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    Rohini Mohan

    “Rohini Mohan’s intimately rendered account ... is breathtakingly well-told.” – Jon Lee Anderson, New Yorker
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    Rosa Luxemburg

    Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919) was a Polish-born Jewish revolutionary and one of the greatest...




  • Lucio Magri: Grappling With Democracy

    In il manifestoLuciana Castellina spoke on the publication of a collection of Lucio Magri’s parliamentary interventions. Magri as a thinker was, as Perry Anderson observed, 'incapable of a theoretical reflection that was not rooted in the real actions, or inactions, of the exploited and oppressed'. His involvement in Italian party politics therefore raises questions of the relationship between popular politics and the radical left.

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  • Nightwalking: a subversive stroll through the city streets—Matthew Beaumont writes for the Guardian

    This extract from Matthew Beaumont's Nightwalking appeared in the Guardian.

    In the dead of night, in spite of the electric lights, London seems an alien city, especially if you are walking through it alone.

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  • Letters to Palestine: Editor Vijay Prashad speaks to IMEU about the growing solidarity with Palestine in the US

    Letters to Palestine (out April 14) traces the swelling American recognition of Palestinian suffering, struggle, and hope, bringing together some of the most noted writers, artists, scholars, and activists of our time as they write to and for Palestine. Junot Díaz, Teju Cole, Ben Ehrenreich, and Mumia Abu-Jamal join Palestinian American activists such as Huwaida Arraf, Noura Erakat, and Remi Kanazi in giving voice to feelings of empathy, solidarity, and anger in intimate letters, beautiful essays, and furious poems.

    Editor Vijay Prashad recently spoke to the Institute for Middle East Understanding about putting the collection together and what he hopes it will accomplish. Prashad is the George and Martha Kellner Chair in South Asian History at Trinity College, and the author of 17 books. 

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  • We Are Alive: A film about the thought, activism and legacy of Daniel Bensaïd

    A day after what would have been Daniel Bensaïd's 69th birthday, we publish this interview with Chilean director Carmen Castillo, whose film We Are Alive draws continuities from his writing and activism to contemporary struggle across two continents. Here she recounts her meetings with Bensaïd as a young activist and her experience making the film.

    Daniel Bensaïd in 2008.

    Carmen Castillo was born in Chile, and worked for the Allende government before entering the clandestine resistance together with her partner Miguel Enriquez after the Pinochet coup of 11 September 1973. Arrested and then expelled from her homeland (after an international campaign for her release), she recounted her tragic history in two books and then her 2007 film Calle Santa Fe.

    The director continues to be haunted by a number of questions. How can we pass on the memory of the defeated without suffocating it with nostalgia or bitterness? What can we do today to keep loyal to the ideas of friends, loved ones and comrades who are no longer of this world – a world that they were so passionate about changing? How can we hope, now that we know that nothing is written in advance (as some of us used to believe)?

    Castillo’s next film, We Are Alive, comes to French cinemas on 29 April. Making use of the thought of philosopher Daniel Bensaïd, Castillo portrays the daily struggles of all those across two continents who throw themselves into the ‘joyous passion’ of struggle – despite everything, and however ignored they are by the big media cartels.

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