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    Norman G. Finkelstein

    Norman G. Finkelstein taught political theory and the Israel–Palestine conflict for many years....
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    Gabriella Coleman

    “Following her journey through this maze and reveling in her analysis is both insightful and awe-inspiring.” – danah boyd

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    Aditya Adhikari

    Aditya Adhikari is a young journalist who has written widely on Nepali politics. Living in...
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    Michèle Barrett

    Michèle Barrett is Professor of Modern Literary and Cultural Theory in the School of English and...
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    Arun Kundnani

    “One of Britain's best political writers” – Guardian

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    Rosa Luxemburg

    Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919) was a Polish-born Jewish revolutionary and one of the greatest...




  • Former Corinthian students declare debt strike

    On Monday, February 23, fifteen former students of Corinthian Colleges Inc., a network of for-profit colleges, declared a debt strike by refusing to repay their federal loans. Taking a bold and unprecendented stand on the current student debt crisis, the Corinthian 15, who are members of the Debt Collective, are demanding that the Department of Education discharge their debts, as well as those of former and current Corinthian students. 

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  • THE EUROPEAN UNION IS DEAD—How can we get rid of the corpse? How can we restart the process of creation of the union?

    As the rapidly developing situation in Europe brings the question of its political union to the fore, Franco 'Bifo' Berardi argues that the European Union is beyond reform, and that its overthrow will either come from reactionary nationalists or a new European reunification based on radically different principles- "Is this doable, is this imaginable?".

    The surface of Europa, Jupiter's tortured moon.

    “While our colleagues, friends and comrades in Southern Europe continue to rebel against the depletion and impoverishment policies of the Troika, the ECB moves into its new palace,” the FF Blockupy website says. “Blockupy moves on to the road. We will make our own move to the new building and give back to the ECB the garbage – in and with many moving boxes – that should have been thrown into the dustbin of history: racist and sexist division, impoverishment, privatization of public funds and goods and wars to secure resources.”

    During the last month, after the victory of Syriza we have been finally obliged to understand the meaning, the nature and the destiny of the European Union.

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  • So long, see you #FutureLater

    So that's it for me here, celebrating the Verso Futures book series. Check out the first batch of books, over there -> on the right. I leave you with this personal reflection on my own intellectual formation and what might be retreived from it for thinking the times in which we are now enmeshed. Let's just hope the photo above is not a prophesy!

    -- Cheers, McKenzie Wark

    Leaving the Twentieth Century

    What might a Marx for the twenty-first century, a #Marx21c, look like? Perhaps as different to that of the nineteenth century as this era is from that one. These are some personal, impressionistic reflections on what that might look like.

    The Marxism that I know is part of my life through four kinds of experience: the party, the popular front, the avant-gardes and the university. Each offered its own possibilities and limits for Marxist thought and practice.

    My apprenticeship was the period from the late ‘70s through to the ‘90s. It was a time of modifiers. The existing language for describing the situation accreted a layer of suffixes and adjectives, but the language itself didn’t change. The situation waspostmodern, or postfordist, or it was late capitalism, and a bit later it would become neoliberal.

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  • In the year 2525

    Since it is Friday afternoon, time for some music! Zager and Evans were from Lincoln, Nebraska, and had a hit in 1969 with this. I remember being spooked by it as a child. Here's a sample of the lyrics:

    "Ain't gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lie
    Everything you think, do and say
    Is in the pill you took today."

    Not great art, but the camp value of the video can't be beat.

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