Vijay Prashad

Vijay Prashad is the George and Martha Kellner Professor of South Asian History at Trinity College, Connecticut. He is the author of a number of books, including The Darker Nations: a People's History of the Third World and Arab Spring, Libyan Winter.


  • Verso authors declare support for student debt strike

    On Monday, 15 former students of Corinthian Colleges Inc., a network of for-profit colleges, declared a debt strike by refusing to repay their federal loans. Taking a bold and unprecendented stand on the current student debt crisis, the Corinthian 15, who are members of the Debt Collective, are demanding that the Department of Education discharge their debts, as well as those of former and current Corinthian students. 

    Verso authors Slavoj Žižek, Naomi Klein, David Harvey, Rebecca Solnit, Robin Kelley, Gabriella Coleman, Astra Taylor, Andrew Ross, and Vijay Prashad have joined several other prominent activists, educators, and intellectuals in signing a letter of support for the students on strike. 

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  • Tariq Ali on the launch of TeleSUR English, the largest Latin American news channel

    Last week, Venezuela-based news channel TeleSUR launched its English language website, bringing the left-leaning perspectives of Latin America to new audiences and offering a corrective to the English news media.

    The site, which largely represents the views of state backers Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Venezuela, has already published incisive reporting on Israeli offensive in Gaza. Tariq Ali, Verso author and New Left Review editor, has long been involved with TeleSUR and will host The World Today, an interview show to be broadcast four times a week.

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  • VIDEO: Liberalism as "grotesquely limited:" Vijay Prashad discusses politics and The Poorer Nations

    Introduced as “quickly becoming one of the Left’s better-known public intellectuals,” Vijay Prashad was recently interviewed for a four-part video segment on Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay. Prashad and Jay cover a broad range of political issues, initiating the discussion by expounding how the conditions of Prashad’s childhood shaped his realization of liberalism as a “grotesquely limited” worldview and his adoption of a Marxist political horizon. Watch the first part of the interview below, and continue on for further links.

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