Alberto Toscano

Alberto Toscano is a lecturer in sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London. He is the author of The Theatre of Production and Fanaticism, translator of Alain Badiou’s The Century and Logics of Worlds and co-editor of Alain Badiou’s Theoretical Writings and On Beckett. He has published numerous articles on contemporary philosophy, politics and social theory, and is an editor of Historical Materialism.

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  • Seizing Freedom—A Symposium

    The latest edition of the journal of Ethnic and Racial Studies includes a symposium on David Roediger's award winning radical history of Emancipation, Seizing Freedom: Slave Emancipation and Liberty for All. David is Foundation Distinguished Professor of American Studies and History at the University of Kansas. In 2015 Seizing Freedom was the winner of the Byron Caldwell Smith Book Award.


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  • #ParisAttacks: A reading list

    On Friday 13th November, 129 people lost their lives in a series of attacks in Paris reportedly carried out by Islamic State. They join the dead of Beirut, Suruç, Syria, Iraq and countless other war-torn regions as innocent victims of a conflict that knows no civilians.  

    The urgency with which we have to pull ourselves back from the brink is signalled not only by the brutality of the reactions, but by the fact that they are by now entirely predictable: airstrikes abroad, destructive of life but strategically pointless; attacks on muslim populations in the west, dubbed 'revenge' by a racist media.

    All is fuel on the fire. More than ever, we need to understand the situation in all its complexities.

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  • The Italian Disaster: Tariq Ali and Alberto Toscano in conversation

    The vicissitudes of Italian history is full of lessons for the contemporary left. From the early days of Italian Communism under Gramsci and Bordiga, through the Communist-lead resistance to Italian Fascism, the emergence of Operaismo, the pathbreaking work of Italian feminists and the building of the largest Communist party in Europe in the post-war years, the country was once an inspiration for the radical left throughout Europe. Yet, in recent years many have struggled to understand what is happening politically in Italy with “berlusconismo” and the rise of Renzi and the Five Stars Movement

    To discuss the past and present of the Italian left, Tariq Ali interviews Alberto Toscano, author of Fanaticism and reader in critical theory at Goldsmiths University in London.