Isaac Deutscher

Isaac Deutscher was born in 1907 near Krakow and joined the Polish Communist Party, from which he was expelled in 1932. He then moved to London where he died in 1967. His other books include Stalin and The Unfinished Revolution.


  • Ellen Meiksins Woods: Capitalism and Human Emancipation

    Ellen Meiksins Wood is a leading political theorist and one of the world's most influential historians. Her wide-ranging and original work, covering topics which range from examinations of Athenian democracy to contemporary American imperialism, has, alongside Robert Brenner, inaugurated the 'Political Marxist' approach to history. 

    In this piece, originally delivered as an Issac Deutscher memorial lecture published in NLRI/167, analyses the prospects for emancipation in contemporary capitalism.

    Verso, Birkbeck Politics Department and the Sussex PM group, will be hosting a symposium on the work at Ellen Meiksins Wood on Wednesday 4th November at Birkbeck. For full details click here.

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  • The Making of Global Capitalism awarded the Deutscher Memorial Prize

    The Making of Global Capitalism, Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin's landmark account of the role of the United States in the development of the global economic system, has won the prestigious Deutscher Memorial Prize for 2013.

    The Deutscher Memorial Prize is awarded each year, in honour of the historian Isaac Deutscher and his wife Tamara, to a work which best exemplifies innovative writing within the Marxist tradition. Previous winners include Mike Davis, Robin Blackburn, Ellen Mieksins Wood and Eric Hobsbawm.

    Two books from Verso received nominations this year; as well as The Making of Global Capitalism, Vivek Chibber's Postcolonial Theory and the Specter of Capital was in the running for the prize. Chibber's book has been raising fierce debate within the field of postcolonial studies field since its publication earlier this year.
  • Blair puts The Prophet trilogy by Isaac Deutscher on his list of 'Desert Island Books'

    While George W. Bush may be a touch disappointed to find his Decision Points omitted, we're sure Isaac Deutscher would have been more than a bit alarmed to find his sympathetic three-volume biography of Trotsky listed among Tony Blair's 'Desert Island Books.'

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