Mike Davis

Mike Davis is the author of several books including Planet of Slums, City of Quartz, Ecology of Fear, Late Victorian Holocausts, and Magical Urbanism. He was recently awarded a MacArthur Fellowship. He lives in Papa'aloa, Hawaii.


  • New Left Review - issue 79 out now

    New Left Review 79
    is out now featuring the following articles:

    Mike Davis: The Last White Election

    Surveying the US political landscape, Mike Davis identifies the complex social and geographical determinants of Obama's November victory. Within an increasingly polarized ideological force field, how will the coming struggles between Democratic President and Senate and Republican House unfold?

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  • A Library for #Occupy: Part 4

    After the Occupy Wall Street "People's Library" was brutally dismantled by the police, Paolo Mossetti of Through Europe asked some of his favourite writers, activists, and academics to help him compile a list of books that would recreate, though only virtually, the library's shelves.

    Here is the fourth part, with contributions from Linda Martina Alcoff, Ariella Azoulay (author of A Civil Imagination) Milford Bateman, Norman Finkelstein, Bill Fletcher Jr, David Goodway, Ramsey Kanaan, Loop Magazine, Gigi Roggero.
  • New Left Review—new issue out now

    The November/December issue of the New Left Review has been released, and includes the following essays:

    Mike Davis: Spring Confronts Winter

    Against a backdrop of world economic slump, what forces will shape the outcome of contests between a raddled system and its emergent challengers? Mike Davis examines echoes of past rebellions in 2011's global upsurge of protest.

    Mike Davis is author of Planet of Slums.

    Robin Blackburn: Crisis 2.0

    Internationally, austerity measures have resulted in unemployment, stagnation, the imposition of technocracies, the destruction of welfare systems and a collapse in global demand. Robin Blackburn outlines some radical transitional policy responses that could address the underlying causes of the financial crisis.

    Robin Blackburn is the author of Age Shock: How Finance is Failing Us and The American Crucible.

    Perry Anderson: Magri's Farewell

    Perry Anderson looks back upon the life and work of Lucio Magri, the Italian revolutionary and writer who died last year. An incisive critic of the PCI from both inside and outside of the Party, Anderson traces Magri's unique synthesis of theory and popular struggle from the Hungarian Revolt to the Iraq War, including his last work, The Tailor of Ulm.

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