Christian Salmon

Christian Salmon is a writer and researcher in the Centre for Research in the Arts and Language at the CNRS in Paris. He is the founder of the International Parliament of Writers, of which he was president from 1993 to 2003, and is the author of several works, including Tombeau de la fiction, Devenir minoritaire, Verbicide and Storytelling. He writes a regular column for Le Monde.


  • Gaza: how far can their patience be stretched?

    By Christian Salmon 
    18 July 2014

    In April 2002 we crossed Palestine from Ramallah to Gaza together with other writers from the International Parliament of Writers. Upon my return I wrote this eyewitness account of this war without end: a war waged with tanks and bombs but also with bulldozers. A work of demolition. An effort at re-territorialisation without precedent in history. An agoraphobic war…

    The text was entitled ‘Sabreen, or patience’. More than ten years later, I would add: how far can their patience be stretched?

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  • Once upon a time may never be the same ...

    The Washington Post has reviewed Christian Salmon's Storytelling: Bewitching the Modern Mind alongside The Age of Persuasion: How Marketing Ate our Culture. Comparing the two books, reviewer James P. Othmer describes Salmon's approach as "more analytical and intellectually satisfying."

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