The Sublime Object of Ideology

Exploring the ideologies fantasies of wholeness and exclusion which make up human society.

Slavoj Zizek, the maverick philosopher, author of over 30 books, acclaimed as the "Elvis of cultural theory", and today's most controversial public intellectual. His work traverses the fields of philosophy, psychoanalysis, theology, history and political theory, taking in film, popular culture, literature and jokes—all to provide acute analyses of the complexities of contemporary ideology as well as a serious and sophisticated philosophy. His recent films The Pervert's Guide to the Cinema and Zizek! reveal a theorist at the peak of his powers and a skilled communicator. Now Verso is making his classic titles, each of which stand as a core of his ever-expanding life's work, available as new editions. Each is beautifully re-packaged, including new introductions from Zizek himself. Simply put, they are the essential texts for understanding Zizek's thought and thus cornerstones of contemporary philosophy.

The Sublime Object of Ideology: Slavoj Zizek's first book is a provocative and original work looking at the question of human agency in a postmodern world. In a thrilling tour de force that made his name, he explores the ideological fantasies of wholeness and exclusion which make up human society.



  • Žižek is a cool guy who doesn’t look at explosions

    Cool guys don't look at explosions

    Why? It’s ideology, stupid. After his 1,200-page Lacanese-Hegelian philosophical treatise, Žižek has returned to his other prism—popular culture. The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology, Director Sophie Fiennes new film with Žižek, premiered at the 56th BFI London Film Festival next week to a packed cinema. As I watched the 90-minute cinematic remix of various twentieth-century films including Zabriski Point, The Sound of MusicThey LiveThe TitanicSecondsTaxi Driver and more, Zizek in his characteristically witty style, expliained his concept of ideology. 

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  • The Pervert's Guide to Ideology at the Toronto International Film Festival

    After the success of The Pervert's Guide to Cinema, director Sophie Fiennes and the only philosopher-turned-film-star Slavoj Žižek return with The Pervert's Guide to Ideology. Tonight marks the premiere of the film at the TIFF, with both Žižek and Fiennes in attendance.

    Bringing his unique style and "penetrating insights" to popular and obscure cinema alike, Žižek is at once captivating and clownish, bringing unique knowledge and interpretation- as well as a deep love of cinema- to a host of films.

    In this edition, Žižek examines film for a deeper ideological implication, both obvious and undiscovered, and questions these outcomes for our own time.

    Through skillful editing, Fiennes weaves Žižek into the narrative and histories of films as diverse as Jaws, The Triumph of Will, Brazil and The Sound of Music.

    Not many films can tackle capitalism, consumerism, left-wing radicalism and philosophy among other things. But ones with Žižek certainly can.

    The Pervert's Guide to Ideology premieres Friday September 7th at 6pm at the Toronto International Film Festival. Tickets can be purchased here.
  • Žižek / Galifianakis

    Thanks, Rainn Wilson, I'll never again be able to look at Žižek without thinking of Zach Galifianakis.


    But Žižek is funnier.

    Also, Mr. Wilson: pot/kettle?

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