• 9781781686126_deja_vu_and_end_of_history-max_141

    Déjà Vu and the End of History

    This book places two key notions up against each other to imagine a new way of conceptualizing historical time. How do the experience of déjà vu...
  • 9781781685662_the_future-max_141

    The Future

    For Marc Augé, best-selling author of Non-Places, the prevailing idea of “the Future” rests on our fears of the present. It is to the future that...
  • 9781781685785_heroes-max_141


    What is the relationship between capitalism and mental health? Through an exhilarating mix of philosophical and psychoanalytical theory and...
  • 9781781685969_state_of_insecurity-max_141

    State of Insecurity

    “If we do not understand precarization, then we understand neither the politics nor the economy of the present.”

    After years of the welfare state,...