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  • Phony Physics

    Phony Physics

    Thinking with Alberto Toscano's Late Fascism, Jordy Rosenberg asks: how has liberal analogical thought around Nazi fascism foreclosed in North America the history of the Nakba and of the ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people?
  • The War on Gaza and Israel’s Fascism Debate

    The War on Gaza and Israel’s Fascism Debate

    Western critics of Israel's apartheid policies and far-right government are frequently accused of antisemitism, but leftist and left-liberal Israelis have been decrying the country's descent into fascism for years. In this article, Alberto Toscano argues that fascism is embedded in the logic of Israel's colonial project.
  • Pentagon-funded border wall in Yuma, AZ

    Towards Fossil Fascism?

    Andreas Malm and the Zetkin Collective explore the historical basis, political arguments and future implications of the far right's role in the climate crisis. Far right governance gives rise to ecofascism and a future built on crisis and nationalism. 

  • Black Antifascism and Fighting Today’s Far Right

    Black Antifascism and Fighting Today’s Far Right

    We Charge Genocide is the ur-text of Black antifascism. It is the most comprehensive and detailed evidence we have of how African-American radicals have systematically challenged and defined the threat of a native fascism in the United States. Recovering and mobilizing the tradition of Black Antifascism is essential to strategic confrontation with today’s far-right.

  • The Authoritarian Personality

    The Authoritarian Personality

    Adorno's The Authoritarian Personality "represents one of the most sophisticated attempts to explore the origins of fascism not merely as a political phenomenon, but as the manifestation of dispositions that lie at the very core of the modern psyche."

  • Chi Chang, on the right, with Ching Siu Ling and Hua Feng Liu, in Spain, 1938. (Courtesy of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives)

    Chi Chang: A Chinese American Volunteer in the Spanish Civil War

    Chi Chang, a Chinese emigrant to the United States who joined the Communist Party and volunteered for the International Brigades to fight fascism during the Spanish Civil War. His story is retold here by Hwei-Ru Tsou and Len Tsou, and translated into English from the original Chinese by Agnes Khoo.